49 Days (The DMT Series: Book 1)

49 Days is a fast paced techno thriller that draws on extensive research into how the human brain functions, and how we perceive reality.

When a washed up New Age psychologist from New York is being granted permission to start the first human DMT-trials since the early 1990s, something goes terribly wrong.

The incident sets off alarm bells within a secret department of the CIA.

On the opposite side of the world a passenger jet explodes mid-air. Against all odds there is a survivor. When the secret division of the CIA learns the identity of the lone survivor, they dispatch a team to apprehend her.

The consequences of a highly secret black operation experiment, set in motion almost forty years earlier, is now finally coming back to haunt the agency.

It is threatening to change how we perceive our world and view our enemies.

The clock is ticking.

The days are numbered.

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For readers: Facts vs Fiction 49 DAYS


The Last Alchemist
A professor from an Australian university has just completed a study into the causes of why some people strike it rich, whereas most others seem to struggle financially their entire lives. The results are eye-opening. To the professor’s great surprise, it appears that a person possessed this knowledge more than thirty years ago.

The professor offers David Dypsvik, a broke and frustrated MBA student, the chance to investigate the mysterious disappearance of one of the richest men in the world.

The billionaire disappeared shortly after having delivered a series of lectures about the ‘Principles of Wealth’ in 1973.

Why did he disappear and who was he? What was his secret?

The hunt for the billionaire’s true identity takes David on a roller coaster ride through history and the creation of wealth.

Nothing is as he thought.

Nobody is who they claim to be.

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In 2013 a new mobile app is quietly launched on iTunes. It quickly becomes one of the fastest growing mobile apps in history. It is called TUNA LIFE, and for a brief moment it catapults Australia and the Gold Coast into the limelight of the tech world.
But not all is good on the coast. Girls have been disappearing for years…..
Andrew Engels, a bored accountant, has an epiphany when he walks into an auditorium where kids barely out of high school are presenting new business ideas.

It changes his life. It changes everything.

Scott Davis, an experienced crime reporter at the Gold Coast Times, has recently been reassigned to cover business news for his struggling employer. When he starts digging into the story of the new economy, where teenagers become overnight-millionaires on half-baked ideas and empty promises of future revenues, he finds a lot more than he expected.

Girls have been going missing from the coast for years. Could their cases be connected?

And do we really know what we agree to when we download a mobile app? What sort of power do we allow companies like Tuna Life to possess over their users?

Read the story that captures the essence of the exploding mobile app industry. But be warned: You may very well reconsider downloading that next app onto your phone….

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Brilliant computer scientist, Vladimir Sorovis, is packing up his office when his day is interrupted by a military helicopter carrying a highly unexpected guest.

Ushered to a secret location deep in the Nevada desert, Vladimir learns how his former employer, billionaire and serial-entrepreneur Andrew Kevorkian, has been siphoning off hundreds of millions to fund a clandestine deep tech research lab.

Now the Government holds grave fears for what Kevorkian may have created at his lab.

With world order as we know it at stake, Vladimir and a select team of AI-experts are catapulted into a race against time to understand exactly what they are dealing with.

Things, however, are not always what they seem…

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The highly anticipated sequel to 49 Days picks up where the first book in the DMT series ended.

Most thought the CIA had shut down MKULTRA in 1974. It had been a total disaster. Despite having consumed more than 6% of the CIA’s budget at its peak, no applicable scientific results were ever produced.

Or so the world thought.

Fast forward to 2015, and Cameron and Cody, the results of an MKULTRA project gone terribly wrong, are on the run in Mexico. But how does one stay hidden from one of the most powerful organisation in the world – the CIA? Simple answer: One doesn’t.

Read the fascinating story of how Cody and Cameron fight back against overwhelming odds and how, even in the darkest of moments, humanity is still able to surprise.

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