The simple idea behind Erik’s authorship is to write books he likes to read. He spends roughly half his time researching, to ensure that the quality is what his readers have come to expect, and then he tries to come up with an engaging fast paced story that leaves readers entertained, satisfied and still curious to learn more.

So far the themes Erik has explored in his books are:

49 Days and Day 50: Fast paced Sci-Fi thrillers exploring psychedelics and spiritualism.

Tuna Life: A serial killer thriller exploring internet start-ups, greed and privacy.

The Last Alchemist: An unpredictable mystery thriller, sprinkled with some stock self-help wisdom.

Dangerous Brains: A murder mystery exploring the potential dangers of Artificial Intelligence and technology in general.

Two new titles are ready for a launch in late 2017. Working title for the project; The Mandelbrot Series.

Erik recently had a break from corporate life, writing books full-time, but eventually came to the conclusion that he liked having a paid job where he could meet interesting people. So he currently resides in Sydney with his wife, son and a spoiled but beautiful dog, and on weekends he is still writing.

You can contact Erik at